Ruby Developer For Hire

In the interest of speeding up my job search, I wanted to write a post to complement my resume & cold calling efforts. If you are looking for someone to write Ruby codes for you, please take a gander & see if I might be a good fit for your company or project.


I am no longer available for full time gigs. I am leaving this up here because it says a lot about who I am and what I look for out of my work experience. I may still be available for consulting gigs, if the opportunity is right.

Who are You?

You are a consulting company doing Agile development with Ruby. You are looking to bring somebody on as a full time member of your team. You work on projects which are intellectually stimulating & solve real problems for real people. You do pair programming, daily stand ups & all the Agile works. You value the creativity of your staff just as much as their talent.

Alternatively, you are a company with a great product looking to bring someone in on a contract basis for a short term. You have an application filled with spaghetti code that needs to be unraveled. Or, your application is ready to launch and you need a strategy for deployment. Or, your application is already out in the wild & you are wondering how to expand your reach & increase conversions.

Neither of those descriptions completely fit you but you still think your company is pretty awesome? Keep reading. I’m not about to pass over a great opportunity just because it doesn’t fit into a short paragraph.

Who am I?

I am a web developer who has been working with Ruby & Rails for 2 1/2 years. I have a resume, but that only tells a small part of my story. I am passionate about programming & love working with Ruby. I have over a decade of experience watching the web evolve & an uncanny ability to recognize current & future trends.

Programming represents only a small fraction of who I am. I draw from all of my life experiences to constantly evolve a holistic perspective. A lot of these experiences come from years spent in various music communities observing people of all walks of life while traveling the world.

What you Want.

Someone who will work with product owners to execute the stakeholders’ vision while ensuring that the needs of the users are also met. Someone who recognizes that the code represents only a small fraction of what makes an application successful. Someone who will stand for what he believes in but can recognize when he needs to defer to those with more experience.

You are looking for someone who can make good decisions in the interest of your company without being managed. Someone who can analyze a problem & evaluate many solutions in order to find the best one for a given context.

You want somebody who recognizes that success comes through teamwork & not egos. Someone who values the contributions of others & is inspired to be better in turn. Someone who can stand up to pressure by diffusing the stress of it.

What I Want.

I want to learn from smart & inspiring people. I want to teach people with a passion for knowledge. I want to live someplace interesting. I want to be compensated fairly for my time, yet realize that some things carry more value than the dollar, euro, yen or whatever you may use.

I believe that Agile is the future, for more than just software. I feel strongly that principles such as shared responsibility & setting expectations based on real data have applications outside our industry which can lead to a better world for everybody. I want to be a part of bringing these ideas into the larger consciousness one application at a time.

Sound Like a Good Fit? Please Get in Touch!

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 443-CYMATIC
  • Twitter: @supaspoida
  • Contxts: Send a txt message with ‘lar’ in the body to 50500

Hope to hear from you soon!

Also, I would love to hear any thoughts on this post. Even if you’re not hiring, would reading something like this make you more or less likely to hire me? Is there anything missing, or anything that goes too far?