How to Land an Awesome Gig with Blogging & Twitter

I am currently three days into an experiment in nomadic bootstrapping with the guys at Spreadsong. We spent these three days working & brainstorming in Panama City & are moving on to our next destination today. This post is about how we got here.

Put Your Ideas Out There

You need to know what you want & be confident in pursuing your goals. A blog gives you a platform to express your ideas & goals where anybody can see them.

My idea: Destination Bootstrapping in Costa Rica.

Follow Interesting People

I started following Giles Bowkett after watching an inspiring talk in which he railed against typical VC patronage. His content is relevant enough that I will click links with no description.

This link lead me here: Don’t Be a Lonely Planet Entrepreneur-startup mythology and the death of capitalism.

Start a Conversation

Blogs can be the ultimate ice breaker. Don’t be afraid to reach out & connect with people you would like to know. Comment on posts that resonate with you. Be sure to let the author know why they might want to know you as well.

Be Prepared to Go the Distance

After this simple series of social media connections I spoke with the guys at Spreadsong for over three hours on Skype. Just one month later we are in Panama City getting ready to fly to Bocas del Toro. On Wednesday we take up residence at Coco Vivo for the next two months. From there, who knows?

And it all started with less than 140 characters.